Fostering Evolution in Islamic Culture
A white paper by Steve McIntosh, March 2015 under the auspices of The Institute for Cultural Evolution (ICE). The Institute for Cultural Evolution (“ICE”) is a 501c3 nonprofit think tank organized around the goal of applying groundbreaking insights taken from Integral philosophy, developmental psychology, evolutionary theory, and the social sciences to help create significant forward movement in the evolution of the American political landscape.

Amir Ahmad Nasr author of My Isl@m
Amir A. Nasr is the formerly anonymous and provocative voice behind the internationally acclaimed sociopolitical blog The Sudanese Thinker, (in)famously credited with helping to inspire the rise of the Sudanese digital activism scene.
Mission Statement: The primary mission of this website is to peel away centuries of encrustation that has infiltrated Islam’s sacred belief and practice. The methodology employed to achieve this goal is to first understand the “moments” of revelation and the “nature” of the authentic Prophetic tradition. These are then re-interpreted within the context of this complex, contemporary global village, to provide clear guidance for all people in accordance with God’s purpose “to make life easy and not difficult” for humankind.
In Arabic, Irshad means “guidance.” My mission: to help people live with integrity and wholeness, especially those who feel limited by culture, religion, or society.